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Core technologies - Hi Smart Series

DC Inverter-Driven Technology

Hi-Smart L series leads the technology changes. It realizes precise compressor frequency control from 20Hz to 115Hz by adopting DC inverter, PAM(Pulse Amplitude Modulation), PWM(Pulse Width Modulation) and PFC(Power Factor Correction) comprehensive control technology, which helps create a healthy, low-carbon and energy-saving living environment.

Comfortable Ways of Ventilation

Customers can choose different air supply ways according to different construction structure and interior decoration, which can realize all-directional circulating airflow and comfort in every corner of the rooms.


Low Noise and Low Frequency Operation

Hi-Smart L Series adopts cutting-edge low-frequency intelligent control technology to realize continuous quiet operation. Through technological innovation, Indoor and outdoor unit fan motors can be adjusted to low-speed and quiet operation automatically according to requirement, which achieves the dual low noise for indoor units and outdoor units.


3D Temperature Control Technology

Hi-Smart L series sets temperature sensors on air outlet/air inlet of indoor units and remote controller to detect the temperature change of indoor and outdoor sensitive points accurately and regulate indoor temperature automatically, which can maintain the room temperature within 0.5 C of setting temperature and satisfy the indoor comfort requirement.


Intelligent Defrosting Technology

Hi-Smart L adopts the leading intelligent defrosting technology and precisely calculates the defrosting time, which largely increases effective heating operation time in winter and ensure heating capacity.


Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology

Hi-Smart L series adopts high efficient DC inverter compressor. With the unique energy saving technology, outstanding aseismatic technology and the individual control of indoor units, capacity output can realize intelligent adjustment and the COP of system can be higher under part load, which contributes to leading comprehensive energy efficiency coefficient and higher system stability.

European Environmentally Friendly Quality Standard

Hisense Hi-Smart L Series adopts world-wide affirmed new environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A that doesn't destroy the O-Zone Layer and responds to Europe RoHS directive.


Efficient Oil Control Technology

Hisense Hi-Smart L series conducts the first-stage oil separation in efficient DC inverter-driven compressor and separates refrigerant and oil gas in oil separator as the second-stage, which increases the separation efficiency by 10%- 15% compared with ordinary solution and reduces power consumption.


Intelligent Controllers

The system is equipped with compact wireless remote control switch, and the remote control switch is also optional, which achieves an intelligent control system.


Remote Control Switch

Wireless Remote Control Switch

• Cooling/Heating/Dry/Fan/Auto

• High/Medium/Low/Swing Louver

• Set Temperature/Timer

• Filter Clean

• Check

• Alarm Code Display

• Ventilation Increase

• Cooling/Heating/Dry/Fan/Auto

• High/Medium/Low

• Swing Louver

• Set Temperature

• Timer

• Filter Clean



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